Asia Tour Album

December 2007 – January 2008, Singapore, Korea and Japan.

  • Hanaukyo Meido Tai 01
Christmas in Singapore

Orchard Road

Seoul, South Korea - Part 1

Streets of Seoul in Winter.

Seoul, South Korea - Part 2 - Gimpo Airport

Seoul Gimpo Airport

Tokyo Part 1 - Asaksusa

Tokyo, Asaksusa.

Tokyo - Akihabara 1

Akihabara, Tokyo.

Tokyo - The Kachidoki Bridge

Kachidoki Bridge, Tokyo.

Park Near The Tokyo Tower

A park on the way to Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower - New Year Countdown 2007-8

New Year countdown to 2008 at the Tokyo Tower.

Tokyo - Asakusa New Year Festivities 2008

New Year fair in Asakusa.

The Shinkansen aka Bullet Train

A Shinkansen in Tokyo.

Snow at Takayama, Japan

Journey from Nagoya to Takayama.

Snow at Hirayu Onsen Jan 2008

Hirayu Onsen 2008

Snow at Takayama, Japan 2

Journey from Takayama to Nagoya.

Hiroshima Part 1 - Night

Hiroshima - The city at night

Hiroshima Part 2 - Day

Hiroshima Peace Park

AT Tokyo 2

Views from the hotel

AT Tokyo 3

Out side Night photos from a foot bridge.

AT Roppongi - Tokyo

Roppongi in Tokyo.

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