Asia Tour – Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan

Jan 11th – First full day of Tokyo part 2, had the hotel breakfast buffet, and then headed out to Roppongi to have a look around, wasn’t sure what to expect but from the guide its full of international themed places. As I was there in day, it wasn’t overly exciting, few nice shops tho and a nice mall just over the main road from the station.

Lots of international bars and restaurants – even found a place called Piccadilly (see photo), a Mexican, french and Spanish restaurant, and a couple of English and Irish themed bars. All closed at the time, appears only open for the evening. Didn’t feel like waiting 2-3 hours, so headed back. Wasn’t feeling so great when I got back – appears the hotel breakfast was to blame..hmm. Decided not to be too adventurous, and had dinner in the hotel’s Chinese restaurant, stayed in after that and got an early night.

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