Thank You, Friend…

Today was a very sad day for me, one of my most dear friends is moving back to Japan. Although the distance will not end our friendship and we will keep in contact, the physical proximity meant only a simple matter of a phone call to arrange something, whether it was a group outing to a new restaurant or some after work drinks. But a permanent move to the other side of the world makes that a bit harder, and only then does it become apparent how much I will miss my friend and the times that were shared.

This same week also sees the departure of 2 more of my most dear friends, this time to Singapore, they are some of the warmest and kindest people I know and they will be greatly missed. This also means the end of an era of sorts for the lads night out, as the treo will be loosing a member, touring London’s night life wont ever be the same for the 2 of us left behind.

As this month comes to an end it brings the departure of 3 of my most dear friends, 2 to Singapore and 1 to Japan, and going back further takes the total to 4 since the end of 07, therefore it is not surprising then that I’m starting to feel like I’ve been left behind.

For all of you I of course wish nothing but the best, but selfishly, how I wish I was going with you, and in hindsight, how I wish I had made more of the time we had.

Life is a journey, it matters not the destination, but the course, may your journeys be good.

2 thoughts on “Thank You, Friend…

  1. I didn’t mean to make it sound trivial, of course it hurts and of course you feel jealous, and wish you could go, too. We all have regrets about not making time for those who mean a lot to us-we take it for granted they’ll be around when we want to be with them.

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