Asia Tour – Return to London

Jan 13th. Finally the day I had been dreading since the start of the trip – the return ‘home’. Early start, skipped the hotel breakfast again, didn’t want to risk any problems with a 12 hour flight. I actually missed the Airport bus I had booked the previous day by about 2 minutes, but it was only an hour to the next one and I was already earlier than I needed to be. Had a light snack and tea in the hotel coffee shop during the wait. The airport was good, nothing of real interest to report although I didn’t bother to look around. The flight on BA08 was scheduled on time, however we got stuck on the taxi way for about a 30 minute delay. The flight was good, got a little bumpy at London, and good old Heathrow added in a nice 30 minute delay as usual – this time due to wind. Then had a nice 1 hour bus trip to Walton-On-Thames and got a Taxi from there – in total bus and taxi cost was £14. Quote from 2 taxis at the airport – £60. The hour bus trip was worth it.

Btw – its really freezing, Tokyo was warmer and less windy, even that day in Akihabara was not as cold as it was in my flat – 1 month away, not really surprising its going to be cold in there tho. Now its back to ‘Real Life’ and back to work. I really dont want to. I want to be back in Singapore with my friends already, and I havn’t had a single day back at work yet. Its raining right now (Jan 14th), which just adds to how miserable the UK appears right now.

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  1. Coming back to a cold, grey England after warm climes and exciting places always hits hard. Hang in there, England will look bvetter in the sunshine and you’ll still have something to look forward to.

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