Quick Note – Photos

Just wanted to add a note on about the photos – or the lack of – the Hotel internet connections were not working too well with picture uploads – I will go back and edit the posts to add in the photos later. Have quite a few to add in so might take a day or 2.

All the photos have been done for the Asia Mini Tour.

Ok – now done all the photos except for Takayama. Still trying to choose a sensible number of good ones to add on here.

Finally can start posting new stuff again now.

6 thoughts on “Quick Note – Photos

  1. Now that you have told us about your latest holiday might be a good idea to show us some of your other holiday photos. Mount Etna and Ben Nevis sound like a good photo shoot. !!!!!! 🙂

  2. No pleasing u lot is there? lol

    I have actually been working on getting the gallery back up, but its very large and I need to copy it from the machine here.

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