More Photos Soon…

Not had much time to upload photos recently and now there’s quite a backlog forming, here’s a list of the items still to be added in the intended order…

Devon in Winter – Day 3
The lost day – the final photos which were forgotten and were not previously posted, quite a lot of these so will be split over several posts again.

Spring Montage
A collection of photos taken in early spring of this year, a little late now but still worth showing.

Planned upcoming <-Back Posts:

Singapore 2007
Photos of Singapore taken in March 07. This will be the first “<-Back Post” of an event which happened BTB (Before The Blog).

London & The Eye
A set of photos taken some time ago in central London and around the Thames including the London Eye, also BTB.

London Photo Tour
A test of the Cameras – with a friend we take his new Sony SLR to London for an exercise in experimentation and comparison, firstly against a Sony K8001 Cybershot Camera phone and second against a Nikon D50 SLR. We completed our initial test with the two Sony’s on the 22nd June and we’re now waiting for the right conditions to take to the streets again with both SLRs. Photos, review and the results on the way…

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