Florida to Nova Scotia by Road – Part 1: London to Orlando

Today I leave on a flight to Orlando, Florida where I will be meeting up with a friend before embarking on a road trip up the east coast of the US and up into Canada over to Nova Scotia. Actually I’m writing this after the event, as I didn’t actually have time to pack properly, let alone write the post, but nevermind that. This is the shortest notice of a trip I have done todate, with only 2 weeks between the first mention of the idea and actually going! It started out as an invitation to visit my friend’s new place in Nova Scotia, but then I had the opportunity to fly out earlier and join the trip up from Florida. The time was so short that I didn’t even have time to fix the minor issues with my new laptop, and so ended up taking my 5 year old Vaio. As I couldn’t get my new laptop to play nice, I grabbed a spare SSD (which I normally use for video recording) and dropped that into my old vaio. The newer Vaio has a different type of SSD, and its an ultrabook, so it wasn’t practical to swap out the drive, where as the older model is only 6 screws or so. As I was worried about the airport security scrutinising my laptop and the risk of it saying it was unlicensed (as it was a re-install on a new drive and I didn’t have time to sort that out) I had to quickly go buy a retail copy of windows, I ended up with Windows 10 Pro (which I didn’t really want but its all they had) and I got that finished mere hours before running out the door for my flight. My packing was the worst and most unplanned ever, and forgot several items I really should of thought about, but I can get replacements in the US later. I hope to be able to get some photos and maybe some videos while out there, including some US or Canadian trains, but will have to see what happens there. I also still need to edit and upload the layout update ‘Weekend Engineering 4’ which I filmed before leaving, that should be fun with a core 2 duo, how I wish I had my i7 ultrabook with me….

DSC_0001Time for a quick coffee before my flight, in a very nice and cute penguin cup.

More Photos Soon…

Not had much time to upload photos recently and now there’s quite a backlog forming, here’s a list of the items still to be added in the intended order…

Devon in Winter – Day 3
The lost day – the final photos which were forgotten and were not previously posted, quite a lot of these so will be split over several posts again.

Spring Montage
A collection of photos taken in early spring of this year, a little late now but still worth showing.

Planned upcoming <-Back Posts:

Singapore 2007
Photos of Singapore taken in March 07. This will be the first “<-Back Post” of an event which happened BTB (Before The Blog).

London & The Eye
A set of photos taken some time ago in central London and around the Thames including the London Eye, also BTB.

London Photo Tour
A test of the Cameras – with a friend we take his new Sony SLR to London for an exercise in experimentation and comparison, firstly against a Sony K8001 Cybershot Camera phone and second against a Nikon D50 SLR. We completed our initial test with the two Sony’s on the 22nd June and we’re now waiting for the right conditions to take to the streets again with both SLRs. Photos, review and the results on the way…

New Old Stuff and the Gallery.

Its been a busy weekend behind the blog, trying out lots of photoblog plugins, trying integration of existing gallery software – which in the end I gave up on – for now – and finally, yes, the Photo Gallery is back!

At the moment it has all of its original content, which is over 1,700 photos, covering events such as the Harry Potter Film Premieres and the release of Book 6 in London, and the Great Gathering at Crewe (railway) Works as well as landscape and other artistic photography I have done.

To enter the gallery click on the “Forever Love Dreams Gallery” page on the Navigation to the right of this post, or click here.

Other new old stuff just added are the Wallpapers from my old Andromeda fan site, the site has been closed for a good couple of years and the domain is no longer registered either, and therefore wanted to give them a new home on here. Again the link is on the right, or here.