NVR Diesel Gala 2015 Misc Clips

*** Volume Warning! – Keep volume down as there is quite a bit of sudden wind noise ***
Nene Valley Railway Diesel Gala 2015, I didn’t record much on this visit so here is a video of some misc clips that I took while there. In this video:
DB Schenker 60001
33109 Captain Bill Smith
Orange Railcar
50008 Thunderer

Fog Day

Another weekend with the family and after a very cold night at -5C on Sunday, we were greeted with some of the thickest fog I have seen for quite some time, visibility was so bad you could hardly see across the road, dosnt help that the whole village is surrounded by fields making everything look like just an infinate grey/white mass. The bus to town took quite a bit longer as a result, and at some points it was difficult to see where the road was at all. The trains going out into the country and the cross-country services were totally messed up, with delays in the hours for the ones that were expected to arrive, and the rest cancelled or replaced by busses. The london trains were not doing too bad however.

Glinton Fog2Glinton Fog3Glinton Fog1Glinton Fog - Bus