Asia Tour – Cristmas Eve at Cosafe Maid Bar & Restaurant

For me, Christmas eve should be spent at the place which makes you the happiest, either a place with your family, or the place with all your friends, or the place where you feel you belong for whatever reason, for me that was at Cosafe. Some people may find that an odd location, but for me there was no where else I wanted to be, over the last week and a bit, this little place had become more to me than anywhere else, until you become such good friends with people that you just cant leave, and that you just feel like your at home whenever your their, there is no place which can compare when it comes to spending time with people you care about.

For me, this was the icing on the cake to best Christams I have ever had, the crazy anticts of the maids and the staff, and the fun of trying to cover everyone in silly string and party poppers (see photos) made this a party to never forget.