Things For Sale… Blog-Bay

I have the following Network / Computer related things for sale:

3x IBM Netfinity Servers.
Petnium III, 500-500MHz, various amounts of RAM, maybe a HD in some.

Cisco Catalyst 2900 24 Port 10/100 Switch.
1 port is broken, but all the others are good. 1U, rack mount, with brackets.

Cisco Catalyst 2900 12 Port 10/100 Switch.
All ports fully working, only 1 owner. 1U rack mount with brackets.

Cisco 2501 Router
1 AUI Ethernet, 2x Ciso serial. 1U.

Cisco 2502 Router
1 Token Ring port, 2x Cisco serial. 1U

Cisco 2610 Router.
1 Large modular bay, 2 WIC slots, 1x RJ45 Ethernet (10MBps), rack kit.

Cisco 3620 Router.
4 Large modular bays, rack mount kit.

There are also several Serial WIC-1T cards, and some larger modules with WIC slots, Ethernet, Token Ring and Fast Ethernet slots. (NB the Fast Ethernet module only works on the 36xx series).

If interested, make contact by registering as a user and just post a comment asking for contact.
I will then email you back using the email address you used to register on the blog with.
Its easier that way and means less spam, obviously dont post anything in the comment other than “contact me me about <item>”, no putting your email address in the comment.

Alternativly, click on my Ebay link on the “Blogroll” and click contact seller from within Ebay.
Due to size of these items UK buys are prefered, however if your willing to pay the shipping I’ll post it to anywhere.