New Old Stuff and the Gallery.

Its been a busy weekend behind the blog, trying out lots of photoblog plugins, trying integration of existing gallery software – which in the end I gave up on – for now – and finally, yes, the Photo Gallery is back!

At the moment it has all of its original content, which is over 1,700 photos, covering events such as the Harry Potter Film Premieres and the release of Book 6 in London, and the Great Gathering at Crewe (railway) Works as well as landscape and other artistic photography I have done.

To enter the gallery click on the “Forever Love Dreams Gallery” page on the Navigation to the right of this post, or click here.

Other new old stuff just added are the Wallpapers from my old Andromeda fan site, the site has been closed for a good couple of years and the domain is no longer registered either, and therefore wanted to give them a new home on here. Again the link is on the right, or here.

2 thoughts on “New Old Stuff and the Gallery.

  1. Rotate your monitor 😉

    The gallery photos were originally uploaded on mass, and some hadn’t been rotated. I will alter them when I sort them out and make posts for them.

    The old gallery software dosnt have any controls for viewing either, so only way is to fix the image.

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