Veoh Blues

A gentle warning to fellow Veoh users…

Today I was notified by my Veoh TV client of a new version of the client to be installed – I was given no option to choose this version btw, it just auto updates, but that although annoying, is not the reason for these blues…. The problem is that the new version has managed to totally screw up the database, its lost about 4 entire series of Anime that I had 🙁

Worse still, is that removing the client and installing the new one, lost the rest. Luckily I had copied the db file off before, I then had the task of trying to re-import it – oh but wait – there are no advanced controls that actually do anything in Veoh. Afther several hours, I finally figured out how this rather crap piece of software operates – it makes a randomly named db file, which on a new install is placed in the /Program Files/veoh networks/veoh/ folder. The trick then, is to copy the name of this file, usally some random numbers then .db at the end, rename your original db file to this name, then copy it over the one in the veoh folder. When Veoh starts, you might have your library back. I’m still missing 4 whole series, but atleast the files are still physically present in the Veoh folder, but re-importing the files dosnt work, as it looses the meta info in them, so it just comes up as unclassified. Oh and it now contstantly keeps trying to download some random episodes that I already have.

Great, well done chaps at Veoh Dev. Dont bother looking through the forums on Veoh for help, I spent an hour in there, and its all people just shouting how much they hate Veoh, with no info on why or what their problem actually was, and then they scream no one helps them. Alot of the screeming is still about their move to convert stuff to FLV, which yes is really rubbish, but its still watchable, apparently it was to save bandwidth costs. Veoh could save a ton of bandwidth however if they stopped making EVERY page on their site auto play a video, if I open a channel, I want to see what it is, I dont want to watch every video straight away. Also I’m one of those annoying people who open all the links I want to see in a new tab when on a page, and go to each tab in order – do that in Veoh’s site, and its trying to play 20 videos at once.

Will update this if I actually manage to fix the problem with the client, however its looking like I’ll have to re-import them or re-download if I want it in channels again.

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