New Anime Blog, Video Library and The Adverts…

Some more big changes for the site… firstly this site will now be focusing more on photography and travel, and less “off-topic” posts, as part of this there is a new Blog for Amine which is over at Fansub.TV, this will cover all things Anime related from now on…

Maiku Ando’s Anime Blog

In addition to the Anime Blog, there is a new Anime Video Site, which will be showing some of the newest Japanese Anime Fansubs. These are Japanese Anime which are shown in Japan and then translated by fans who add the sub titles into the video.

Maiku Ando’s Video Library

You may have noticed we now have advertising on both this site and the Video site above. This has become a requirement to help pay for the bandwidth and server colocation costs for running these sites. I dont use ISP or free web hosting, everything is hosted on my own servers, this makes the sites much faster and responsive, but adds cost. Therefore please help us out by looking at the adverts and occiasionally clicking through if you see something interesting, they are tailored to the sites theme, although it may take a little while for the system to adapt to the right content.

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