Blog News, Anime, Relocation and a Meido on the Tube

Its been a while since the last update so I wanted to fill in some of the blanks of whats been happening…

There is a little problem with the blog at the moment, it appears I neglected to set the wordpress option to store content based on date, this means it puts all the files such as photos in one place. Didn’t occur to me however that when it encounters a new upload that happens to have the same name as an existing file, it over writes it without prompting. This has caused some of the pictures from the Asia Mini tour, Singapore, Japan etc to get replaced with photos from other posts. This will take some time to fix, therefore no more photos for a little while.

The Anime side of things has become a little crazy of late, my Anime Blog is coming on nicely, and the video library has taken off to insane levels. It got listed as the first result for “anime video library” in google uk a little while ago, and now its so popular its using over 400GB of traffic per day. If you get a “suspended, bandwidth exceeded” page come up, its because its used too much traffic that day, so just try again tomorrow, early in the morning CET is best. In addition, I am now the Design Editor for the official Fansub.TV Webzine – j-Zine, our first issue is already out, you can read it here.

I am also pleased to announce that I am leaving the UK and moving to Singapore at the end of October, right now its a crazy time of trying to pack and organise everything for the move, so there wont be much time for updates on here for a little while.

And finally… last week I saw a Meido on the tube, beautiful colourful maid uniform and hello kitty accessories, was at Euston Northern line station, first time I have seen a maid since the MVM Expo at Excell, and first time on the tube – if that was you, or if you have a Meido sighting, leave a comment!

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