Weekend Engineering 4

A bit late with this update as I had limited internet access, and this was actually posted while away in Canada, as I didn’t have enough time to upload it before leaving. This will be the last ‘Weekend Engineering’ (layout update) episode until I return in 3 months time. I will continue to provide videos while I am away, but they will be mostly running sessions I recorded just before I left.

In this update I cover the need to paint the MDF boards with MDF sealer, and this ofcourse meant I had to tidy up a lot, which has certainly made it look better and made it easier to work. I also cover some changes to the bench work – its now more sturdy and a little higher. I also fitted an extension socket to the front of the bench and had the wall socket moved up ready for adding in back boards later. I also splashed some grey paint around where the track will go just to make a background for when the ballast is done.

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