Main Layout – Inner Track First Run: Atlas U30C Burlington Northern+ Walthers Dual Stack Well Cars

First run on the inner loop, the loco was sent half way around light engine to test the power to track all way around and it got further than expected right up to the freight cars which were parked on the previously working part of the inner track which I was using as a siding. I therefore hooked up the cars and reversed the engine to pull the train round, totally forgetting that the dual stack well cars will derail on the first corner after the lift up section because the curve is far too tight. These would never normally be sent round this loop and so its not really an issue. I realised this and started to run for the controller, but was too late and for some reason they managed the curve without derailing and only making the squeeling noise you can hear in the video. I then reached for the camera and filmed the next runs which they made without derailing. I have no idea why they managed to work these short number of times, but here it is, probably a one off! Sorry for the loco still having its packing foam on and facing the wrong way, it wasn’t expecting to be filmed! Also, the TTX well cars only have containers in ‘single’ stack due to the tunnel clearance on the inner loop. There is a freight bypass track under construction around the back of the station which is built to dual stack height and this connects to the outer loop.

This is sort of a ‘preview’ of the layout progress, I will be making a proper update soon with details of the latest work.

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