Main Layout – Bowser C630M CB&CNS Tsunami Sound + Walthers TTX Well Cars & Flange Squeal

First run of my new Alco C630M and my new TTX double stack cars. I wasn’t expecting to be filming this, but when it rounded the first corner and made the sound I decided to record it, therefore my apologies for the mess the layout is in, but I didn’t want to miss the flange squeal type sounds comming from the TTX cars. I have had a good look over the cars, and it dosn’t appear to be doing any harm to them. They are meant for wider curves, and I may make some slight adjustments to the layout in places to give them a route around or through it. I bought these for the ‘US’ (yes its a Canadian loco, call it ‘North American’ then) part of my layout which hasnt been built yet, but it would be nice if they had a route through or round the UK part as well.

The loco I bought while I was away up in Canada for several months, its in Canadian National Zebra stripe livery, however it retains its ‘CB&CNS’ identity on the front, making this from the local area (Cape Bretton, Nova Scotia) where I was staying. Thats why I purchaised it, and it is my first Canadian loco.

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