Weekend Engineering 6 – Layout Update & Track planning Help / Comments Wanted

Layout Update 6 covering progress up to end of May 2016.
Lift-up bridge, track laying, foam laying, back boards, new station layout and some requests for help with my track planning / positioning.
Please do leave comments / suggestions (on YouTube) about the TMD, station and the freight track, would really like some ideas / help on those areas.

Main Layout – Bowser C630M CB&CNS Tsunami Sound + Walthers TTX Well Cars & Flange Squeal

First run of my new Alco C630M and my new TTX double stack cars. I wasn’t expecting to be filming this, but when it rounded the first corner and made the sound I decided to record it, therefore my apologies for the mess the layout is in, but I didn’t want to miss the flange squeal type sounds comming from the TTX cars. I have had a good look over the cars, and it dosn’t appear to be doing any harm to them. They are meant for wider curves, and I may make some slight adjustments to the layout in places to give them a route around or through it. I bought these for the ‘US’ (yes its a Canadian loco, call it ‘North American’ then) part of my layout which hasnt been built yet, but it would be nice if they had a route through or round the UK part as well.

The loco I bought while I was away up in Canada for several months, its in Canadian National Zebra stripe livery, however it retains its ‘CB&CNS’ identity on the front, making this from the local area (Cape Bretton, Nova Scotia) where I was staying. Thats why I purchaised it, and it is my first Canadian loco.

Main Layout – Heljan Class 58 with coaching stock

I was given this loco as a present, and I have wanted it for a long time, this is the Class 58 in Railfreight red stripe, the model was done for Olivia’s Trains but I got these from the Deltic society at the rail show in Peterborough. I dont have enough freight cars to make a long train, so just pretend its doing a coaching stock move. Love this loco, and the Heljan model is amazing.

Weekend Engineering – Foam & Plaster Cloth ‘How To’ & Trains Running 5: Testing track on foam track bed

This is a basic how to on laying down a foam riser and covering it with plaster cloth. This is just how I do it, there maybe better and other ways to do it.

The foam track bed has been glued down for the outer track, most of the track has been cut and is loose fitted. Time to try some trains! Sorry for the non-prototypical running, the idea was to test more than run, but it ended up being a very long session.