Main Layout – Track Testing & Trains Running 1

With the track down, time for some very basic testing. I used my old Lima class 66 and a Lima class 156 Super Sprinter, both running in DC. First issue I encountered was not really a surprise, but not having a way to get between all 3 tracks was a bit a pain for testing, so I used some old short set track points across the 3 lines. These are quite short and tight when curved but I didn’t expect the super sprinter to derail – even when at a crawl. It seems these are just too tight when put back to back, so I’ll need to order some new peco streamline points, I’ll go for the large radius electrofrog and eventually put them near the station.

No major problems at this stage from the track tests, but this is just flat level and all new track. I’m expecting the real issues to happen later when inclines are added. I do also need to test my US HO locos and trains as the curves might be an issue for some of them. As the initial track worked ok, I decided to run some more trains for a bit. Videos are below.

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