Trains Running 4 – US Edition

An Athearn SD40 and a 70 ton GE switcher in Southern Pacific colours with various rolling stock. Most of the rolling stock is by Walthers, either Proto or mainline.
Originally this was meant to be up sometime around WE layout update 3 but I was already late with the next update video and didn’t want to delay that further, so if the layout looks like its gone back in time, that is why. When I recorded the running session, I ended up with a lot of shots of the SD40 going over the bridge, as I only had a single track running at the time, I decided to mix in some of the bridge shots to try make it look a little more interesting with multiple trains running. You may also spot the ‘Katy’ heritage unit sitting by the track in one of the shots, its by MTH and may feature in the next video.

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