Trains Running 4 – US Edition

An Athearn SD40 and a 70 ton GE switcher in Southern Pacific colours with various rolling stock. Most of the rolling stock is by Walthers, either Proto or mainline.
Originally this was meant to be up sometime around WE layout update 3 but I was already late with the next update video and didn’t want to delay that further, so if the layout looks like its gone back in time, that is why. When I recorded the running session, I ended up with a lot of shots of the SD40 going over the bridge, as I only had a single track running at the time, I decided to mix in some of the bridge shots to try make it look a little more interesting with multiple trains running. You may also spot the ‘Katy’ heritage unit sitting by the track in one of the shots, its by MTH and may feature in the next video.

HO Athearn Genesis Southern Pacific SDP45 no. 3200 with DCC Sound ATHG63651 First Run & Pictures

No layout update this week, so here are some pictures and a video from the summer that I had forgotten to share, this is the first run of an Athearn Genesis Southern Pacific SDP45 road number 3200 with DCC Sound. The part number is ATHG63651. As you can see from the first pictures, sadly the trip from the US was not kind to the loco, the air tank had come off and the fuel tank screw was damaged. I suspect the blame for this falls onto the ebay global shipping program, who decided to re-pack the loco from its original box done by the seller and then didnt put sufficent packing in – it was loose in the box. I managed to get the air tank to push back on and the fuel tank I had to add some glue to the screw, quite disapointing when you have to repair a brand new loco.

The pictures of the loco in the green bridge were originally to check the clearance from the snow plough to the bridge walk ways, as I’d had some issues with a previous loco not making it through easily, however this turned out to be a track issue later, but the pictures look nice so there included here.

In the video I run the loco around a bit and randomly try out some of the sounds.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!