Weekend Engineering 5 & Track Testing 2

Slightly shorter update from over the colder winter period from December. I will add some more videos related to this update showing the track testing and how I did the plaster cloth later.

The first section of permanant track gets tested with a strange testing train made up of a class 20 in the middle, UK passenger stock on one side and mixed US passenger and freight on the other, being pushed and pulled round the new track. A second locomotive in the form of my second Union Pacific Heritage unit takes a couple of circuits with the US rolling stock to test out curves and points. The idea here was to try to get as many of the more torublesome and different types of items to test with. The UP loco has a long chassis and is very low to the ground. The class 20 has kadees at one side and tension locks on the other making it perfect for connecting both types of rolling stock at once. I used a newer MK3 coach by Hornby (one livery) and older Lima MK3 and a Hornby MK1 (which seems to de-rail on everything) and a mix of the US rolling stock.

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