Board Girl

The following is a set of images taken over a 2 week period in November 2007 depicting the life of a Manga character which was drawn on a white board, the first image is my original basic character, the images which follow are the result of contributions by other passers-by, and my own alterations. There was no actual story or any background, however my original was very loosely based on Naru from Love Hina. The gun I based on a design from Gunslinger Girl. The shield drawn by Alex was taken from Zelda. The Glases were also by Alex, the red stripe on the arms of her uniform were by Xiangdong, the centre of the shirt and neck tie were my additions.

Board Girl 1

Board Girl 2Board Girl 3Board Girl 4

Board Girl 5Board Girl 6Board Girl 7

The following 2 images are a second character which was added about half way through, this character was eventually shot by Board Girl.

Board Boy 1Board Boy 2

Unfortunatly shortly after the shooting Board Girl was “wiped out” by a network diagram, she will be missed.