Valentines Day & Random Doodle 2

Another year and another day for the card industry and the love sick puppies to enjoy and get fatter. For the un-popular, socially banished, misfits who cant get a date if their life depended upon it, (ie me) its another miserable day full of what were previously normal people acting like their on a mixture of too much cafeine and helium trying to tell you what a wonderful day it is. Well sorry, but “baa humbug” – and kindly do that somewhere where I’m not. When your single, theres not much worse than having everyone else come over and tell you what “hunny-wunny” got you for Valentines. It is however nice to remind these nutters of how many calories are in said little sweet red gift. After they have eaten it.

Been another very tiring week, not had any time to post anything either, today has been the worst so far, seemed to get all the crappy calls today, and very little time between them as well, end up playing catch-up the whole time – talking about how to fix problem Z while still trying to write the email for problem Y and fill out the call log for problem X.

Would have been a good day for a few drinks in the local with some work mates, except they all went and ‘forgot’ to tell me. Thanks alot. Not a problem really, this un-popular, socially banished, misfit has plenty of much better beer at home anyway, and its a fracton of the cost.

To complete todays random splurge, I present Random Doodle 2 – Big Hair – this actually started with a big random swirly wire ball doodle, then I added a face to it for no apparent reason.

Randon Doodle 2