USA & Canada Road Trip: Train Spotting & Railfanning

While on the road trip we did come across the occiasional railroad and here are some short videos taken on the spare of the moment.

Two short clips of the MBTA Commuter Rail going through a crossing in Framingham, Massachusetts on 19 Nov & 17 Dec 2015. I had hoped to get a good video while I was here but due to various reasons we didn’t have time to go rail fanning. Sharing this mainly for the sound of the horn which I felt was worth it.

20th Dec 2015 in Nova Scotia, somewhere on the way to Halifax.
EMD SD75I CN5688 leads with GE C44-9W CN2650 and another EMD SD75I CN5660.
Sorry about the wind noise, it was very windy and very open area.

Canadian National Intermodal Freight heading into Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on December 21st 2015.
Featuring CN GE ES44AC locomotives 2831, 2888, 2891 & 2821.

Note that due to the loud background chatter during the first part of the video I had to cut out some of the containers passing, but all the locomotives are shown. For the second part of the video I was able to get closer to the track, but unfortunatly all the locomotives had already passed at this point (I had hoped for more power mid train or at the rear but sadly not).

@1:09 2821.
@4:05 closer look trackside.